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For 89 years now, we have been producing alcohol, tartrates, grape seeds for oil and biomass from the by-products of the wine-making industry.

In December 2021, the Randi Group in Italy acquired La Alcoholera, in which it had held a stake since the 1990s.

A new phase with a renewed identity thus began for La Alcoholera. Fernando Durban and Rosa Durban took over the reins of the Rioja company in January 2022.

Giovanni Randi founded Randi in 1968. The business began in a garage with the production of tartaric acid and cream of tartar, two natural products that come from fermented grapes once the wine has been run off the skins. During the 1970s and 1980s, the company evolved in terms of both volumes and staff, with an expansion that continued into the 1990s, when companies were set up in Australia, California and Argentina, turning it into an international group. During this period, the group acquired Villapana in Faenza in Italy and a stake in La Alcoholera de la Rioja, in Spain.

In 1993, after the death of Giovanni Randi, his four children all took on roles within the company, confirming its family-run ethos and strengthening its drive for innovation and investments from a sustainable viewpoint, including the installation of biomass boilers in Villapana and Australia for internal consumption. The range of strictly natural products was expanded, with ever greater prominence given to the by-products of the wine industry.

A new phase with a renewed identity thus began for La Alcoholera. Fernando Durban and Rosa Durban took over the reins of the Rioja company in January 2022.

Their mission was to position the company as a leader in its sector and to provide added value to the grapes, making new TOTALLY NATURAL products extracted from residues and by-products of the wine-making industry to supply the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and wine-making industries in a model of circular economy, sustainability and zero-residues.


Passion, integrity, responsibility, commitment, transparency, quality and research characterise the way La Alcoholera does business. The many achievements accomplished and challenges undertaken wouldn’t have been possible without the people that make up the team and underpin the project.


We provide a door-to-door service to wineries in the main Spanish wine production regions which guarantees collection on demand of residues resulting from the grape harvest. A sustainable added value is thus brought to the wine and the by-products of grapes (the pomaces and lees), which once delivered to their destination are transformed into natural products in such sectors as wine-making, pharmaceuticals, the food industry and spirits production.

Our focus on quality embraces every aspect, from the collection and reception of the raw material to respecting health and safety regulations to the letter, from stringent certification to timely management of every phase, from orders to delivery.