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New stage for La Alcoholera

New stage for La Alcoholera

At the beginning of 2022, a new stage began for La Alcoholera de La Rioja, Ebro and Duero. Moment in which the Italian group Randi acquires the La Rioja company and puts Fernando and Rosa Durban in charge, who take over from the previous administrators.

Avoiding looking back and looking only forward, the new managers take on the challenge of winning the trust of the winemakers and refilling the two silos with a capacity of up to 30 million kilos of pomace and lees.

The commitment to sustainability, the reduction of the carbon footprint and a circular economy business model with zero waste, are the keys on which a process revolves that begins with the collection of lees, pomace and wine from the wineries, to its transformation into new products that give a second life to this waste.

For Rosa Durban, director of La Alcoholera: “Listen to the wineries and offer the best service and conditions is now our priority, as is ensuring that the pomace and lees from the closest wine regions reach our silos, thus reducing carbon footprint as much as possible.

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